Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Trip to Texas--Post #1

Tuesday, December 22nd we drove to Knoxville after Daddy got done with work. The next morning we got up and drove to Nashville where we were flying to Texas. Here we are waiting to check-in at the Nashville airport.
Watching for the airplane
After a stop in Birmingham and changing planes in Dallas, we finally made it to Lubbock. Kayley played with Aunt Rachael and a random airport sign!
All of the luggage we brought for 9 people...
Grandma's parents and sister picked us up from the airport. It took 3 cars to get us and all our luggage back to the house! Logan and Kayley finally got to meet Grandmother and PoPo (Grandma's parents).
It started snowing that night and we had 5" of snow on Christmas Eve Day! While Mommy, Daddy, and Uncle Christopher ventured out to the store, Logan made a cookie tree with Grandma
Finished product
Kayley hanging out with Aunt Rachael
Uncle Christopher and Aunt Rachael wanted to go out in the snow and they took Logan with them. Here Uncle Christopher is finally realizing Logan is not stuck in the snow...he lost his shoe!
Aunt Rachael, Uncle Christopher, and Logan
Christmas Eve, all of Grandma's family that was in town came over to Grandmother and PoPo's house. Logan got so excited when Kenzie's family pulled up. He hadn't seen her since she came to Tennesee to visit with Aunt Gail in June
After dinner, we opened presents

All evening, Logan kept looking at all the stockings hanging on the fireplace (All of Daddy's cousins have a big stocking and their kids have a little stocking pinned to the big stocking with their name on it). Logan kept looking for one that said his name on it. He was in tears when he was told there wasn't a big one with his name. (It was way past bedtime which didn't help his mood). He gave everyone great entertainment when he was crying "WHY???" when he was told about his stocking. Grandmother realized what was going on and went and got out a big stocking she had bought for him but hadn't put out yet. Here Grandma is showing it to him with his name on it.
Cookies and milk for Santa and carrots for the reindeer
Then Logan went to bed (Kayley had been in bed for a while). The adults then opened presents. They all got aprons with their name on it from Aunt Gail!
Christmas morning the kids woke and found Santa had come!

Stocking filled with care...
"(Sigh) I got some more underwear..." We had to tell him that it wasn't underwear but a sheet for his bed! He was much happier about that.
Santa brought Kayley a Barney book
A Mickey Mouse game for Logan..."I didn't ask for this! Santa brought me stuff I asked for and stuff I didn't ask for!"
Logan also got Sheriff from CARS and books which he asked Santa for. Kayley asked Santa for books which she got...
We went to Kenzie's house for Christmas Eve dinner. Logan and Kayley had fun playing with all the cousins some more.

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