Sunday, February 28, 2010


This is at Logan's Christmas Program in December
Logan during the program
Logan and Kayley played with bike pads, helmets, and umbrellas one day
Kayley wanted a backpack just like Logan so we got out his from last year. She wanted it together in the front and got mad when Mommy told her it wouldn't work
Kayley wanted to be dressed up like Logan
This is how Kayley likes to go up the stairs
Go Michigan!
Story time with Mommy
Picture on the front porch

Yes, this is Kayley...she has a Dorothy wig on!
Wanting to be like big brother and skate
Logan decided to get a huge bowl for his snack
Kayley very happy about having a Push-up
Putting a 100 piece puzzle together!!
Snuggling with her baby
Kayley, the teddy bear Aunt Lola made for her, and the monkey...all watching TV
Tent time!
Logan had his housecoat on while pushing a cart...Kayley had to have her blanket wrapped around her and pushed her stroller
Hugging Mommy's "ABC" Doll from when she was a little girl
Sick...both kids were sick a few weeks ago. Kayley didn't move from this position much the first day!
Logan making Valentines...Mommy traced the heart shapes and Logan cut them out. He did a very good job!
Playing in the snow

Logan insisted that he try his scooter out in the snow
Flowers Daddy brought Mommy for the 10th anniversary of when they started dating. Logan took this picture!

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