Monday, February 14, 2011

More Random Pictures

Logan and Kayley coloring
We got a Christmas tree for their bedroom this year. They had fun decorating it!
Playing in the snow in PJ's

Logan decided to lick the snow off the car
Helping Daddy in the bathroom
Decorating for Christmas

Puzzle time
Kayley, wearing a paper tepee on her head
Daddy trying to leave for work
Playing with the jack-in-the-box Mommy had as a little girl
Trapped in the rocking horse


SouleSista said...

the one of Kaylee with the tepee on her head, she looks like the pictures of Carrine when she was younger. I always figured that was from the miller side but it must be from the Moeggenborg side. Interesting. Anyway, had fun viewing them. Hope all is well with you!! <3

Baby Stepping said...

I was thinking the same thing about that picture of Kaylee. I love the picture of "Daddy trying to leave for work." LOL!