Wednesday, June 20, 2012

March 2012

Logan's Race for Education at school.  He had one hour to run; he ran 19 laps around the parking lot.  That measured out to be a little over 4 miles!  Kayley made a sign to cheer him on.  

Grandma came to visit for a week...they always make something yummy to eat!

This is how we have to eat if we are on the floor...take a bite, plate goes on the head. :)
We had a little bit of snow in March!  Not a lot, but enough for Logan to throw a snowball at Kayley!
Hunter trying to play a game with Logan.
Happy girl
Look who likes the snack cupboard!
Dr. Seuss Day
100th Day poster
Kayley trying to sort laundry for Mommy...but a little boy keeps messing up the piles!

Logan performing at his school's Variety Show
St. Patrick's Day

We LOVE Sorry!
IPad lesson from Daddy
Games with Grandma
Hunter makes emptying and filling up the dishwasher hard!

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Christopher said...

I can't believe how much they've grown! I love the one of Hunter in the dishwasher... Priceless!
Can't wait to see you guys soon. Lots of love Aunt Rachael and Uncle Christopher. Xxx