Wednesday, January 31, 2007


A couple of weeks ago we took a road trip to Knoxville. I had a lot of fun playing with Shadow. Here I am using my Jedi mind tricks to control him.

Here I am building with blocks, practicing to be a structural engineer like Grandpa. But when my buildings crash they don't kill 234.5 people. Don't worry Grandpa, you have a good lawyer.

We got together with Mommy's college roommates. Brooklyn and I are pointing to the baby in Amy's tummy. Good luck with those genes kiddo.

I stick everything else in my mouth so I thought I would try some popcorn.

We had a fun trip but unfortunately I found out I'm allergic to my grandparents. Thank goodness for Claratin D.


Anonymous said...

Just for that freeze frame spit up in the last picture?

- Robert Townsend (father of the unseen child in slide 3)

Anonymous said...

You are sooooooo funny! Ha Ha!
Grandma is not amused!

El Bambino said...

For those who have asked, Logan is really spitting up in the picture with his grandparents. We just happened to capture that while taking pictures. The picture is not edited in any way. Welcome to our world!

The Luchauers said...

Wow! You really look happy puking on your grandma. I hope she didn't freak out at the hot mouth hand bath after the shutter closed. Way to go big guy!!