Monday, April 14, 2008

A Busy Month

Never fear, Superboy is here.

Good to the last drop.

We rented a dumpster for the brush in the backyard--Mommy made me stay in it when my diaper was stinky!

Nana and Pop came to visit and helped Daddy and me work in the backyard.

We took breaks every 5 minutes-just like the pros do!

I liked watching them take the dumpster away.

Nana and I found something more our size to put the brush in.

This is what happens when Mommy and Daddy leave me with Nana and Pop for a few hours.

2 weeks later Grandpa and Grandma came to visit. It's always fun at first, but after a while I get tired of having to feed and walk them.

I helped Daddy and Grandpa put a new cabinet together.

Daddy says this is my new room once the baby is here.

Grandma brought me back a drum from her mission trip to Africa.

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