Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Trip to Michigan

Sunday Ethan and I watched the banners for the festival be put up in front of Nana and Pop's house.

Pop got out the lawn mower for us to see.  A few more years and we'll be able to drive it ourselves!

Pop put us to work carrying in groceries.

Pop and Mommy took us to the farm to see the tractors. We love tractors!

 I was finally brave enough to go up in one of the tractors.

I was very excited when Eden got there.

Now I have someone else's hair to play with besides Mommy's!

We all had a lot of fun playing outside during the week.

The Maple Syrup Festival--The first thing we did was eat pancakes. They were yummy!

I loved riding the 'neighs'.

Ethan and I drove tractors.

We held a 5 week old puppy.
There was a 'horse plow' event in the field behind Nana and Pop's house. We went out to see the horses.

We rode the carousel. I liked it until the horse started going up and down. I think I'll stick to real ponies.

I liked the parade. The horses and tractors were my favorite part.

The week wouldn't be complete without a trip to Mommy's favorite ice cream place.

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