Friday, May 08, 2009

Trip to Michigan-Post #1

We went to Michigan on the April 23rd for the Maple Syrup Festival. This was Kayley's first time flying--she slept 
Logan got his own seat for the first time.  He was very excited to "watch my player by Daddy and have a snack and drink"
Kayley got to see Kathlene for the first time and loved to snuggle on her
Friday we went to eat pancakes at the school

Kayley ate some.  She's thinking about whether she liked them or not.

Mommy showed Logan where her locker was her senior year
Daddy showed Kayley a picture of Mommy that was on the wall
We went to the craft show and then over to ride ponies.  There was an animal petting area there so the kids did that first
Then it was pony time

Kayley was so excited about the pony ride that she bit Aunt Lola's nose!
Eden and Logan played on the slide while Daddy, Uncle Ryan, and Pop went to get us elephant ears
Mommy used to play on this
Logan loved the elephant ear
Before we left, Daddy had some fun at the park with Logan
There were puppies being sold beside the park. Logan loved them
Eden loved them too
Friday night was the Emergency Vehicle Parade.  The kids wore their pajamas down to watch it

On the way home, the kids rode
Saturday morning, while Mommy and Pop took Kayley to the walk-in clinic because she had a high fever, Daddy took the kids out behind Nana and Pop's house to see the horses at the Old Fashioned Plowing event.  Then they played outside.  Daddy taught Logan to hit a croquet ball
Saturday afternoon Pop and Daddy took Ethan, Logan, and Eden on the train ride that went from Shepherd to Mt. Pleasant

They stopped at the Sugar Bush on the way home and got Maple Suckers and Maple Cotton Candy
The train ride meant no nap for Logan--but he fell asleep on the couch next to Mommy later
It rained most of Saturday and Sunday--that meant no amusement rides, tractor pull, or anything else outdoors.
 We went to the parade on Sunday, but it was kind of wet!
The emergency vehicles came by
Kayley's first parade
Logan's hands were so cold, he had to wear gloves!
That was the end of the festival.  Still raining, so we couldn't do anything else :(

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