Monday, May 11, 2009

Trip to Michigan-Post #2

The Tuesday we were in Michigan, Logan started throwing up.  Daddy left that morning to fly back to Richmond.  By 4 or so, Logan had thrown up many times so Pop and Mommy took him to the ER.  

After blood tests, Logan was admitted into the hospital with dehydration and then we found out he had the Rotavirus.  Daddy flew back the next day to be with us.

They wrapped a bandage around his IV to keep it in place.

The nurses all fell in love with Logan and brought him some toys to play with.
Logan had lots of movies to keep him entertained.
"I don't know what they put in this IV, but I like it."
On Friday, Logan woke up at 4:30 in the morning feeling better and ready to play.  Mommy and Daddy weren't quite awake yet so he watched movies until they woke up.  We all finally got to go home Friday afternoon.  Logan was kind of sad to leave as he enjoyed having that much Mommy/Daddy time to himself.

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