Saturday, June 13, 2009

Potty Training

We began potty training Logan the Monday after preschool ended.  We went to the store and Logan picked out a little potty.
He wore pull-ups for a couple of days first.
Then we switched him to big boy underwear.
Mommy just had to get him little white tank tops and boxer cute!
Grandma was here for the week and did the potty training with Logan.  There were long hours playing and reading in the bathroom and tons of M&Ms the first few days.  Logan had a few accidents but he got the hang of it pretty quickly.  He is now fully potty trained--dry even through the night--and has had only a few accidents!

1 comment:

Nana said...

YAY, Logan!!
I'm so proud of you!!
Thank you to Grandma Ragland for helping out with the important accomplishment!