Sunday, June 21, 2009


A new car seat for Kayley

Firefighter Logan
Kayley loves to snuggle with her blanket

Playing "match the cards" with his elephant
Kayley found a new place to play
Logan when he wasn't feeling so well

Kayley learning how to play with cars like big brother Logan
We found Logan hiding like this one day
"Little sister, Big brother" shirts
Sharing a Popsicle with Kayley
Helping Mommy with the dishes
Standing on her own!!
Logan having the 2 elephants play memory in the car
Logan insisted the elephants be buckled up!
Trying to catch rain on his tongue
The Ragland Zoo animals
Playing with Addisyn and Shaughn
Kayley can climb into things now--a dresser drawer, the puzzle tub, little chairs, and a toy baby crib!
Logan found something to entertain Kayley
Logan's friend Kylie's 3rd birthday party. Logan is Diego. He had lots of fun at the party!
Trying to teach Kayley how to blow a whistle

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