Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Logan and Kayley making bead candy canes. 
Hunter hanging out in his high chair
Kayley sorting socks for Mommy

Eating Logan's nose
Messy food

How many bibs can Kayley put on at once?
Can you find Logan and Kayley?
Kayley helping Mommy by holding Hunter for a minute
Army girl Kayley

Hunter wearing Pj's that Pop got Logan in Switzerland when Logan was a baby
Nana and Pop's house for Thanksgiving---Kayley and Eden

Pop and the grandkids putting out the train

Mommy and Hunter
Logan and Evan coloring
Cousins--Eden, Hunter, Kayley, Ethan, Logan, Elijah, Evan with their new Angry Bird Pj's and stuffed birds
We did Christmas together on Thanksgiving Day

Tubs of clothes! Hurray!
Hunter opened all of his gifts after his nap
Mommy trying to keep Hunter asleep during Thanksgiving lunch
The whole crew (Michael's taking the picture)
Aunt Lola, Mommy, Nana
Daddy, Kayley, Hunter, Logan, Mommy, Elijah, Ethan, Pop, Evan, Nana, Eden, Lola, Uncle Ryan
Our family
Eden doing Kayley's nails
Kayley, Hunter, and Logan with Mommy, Great-grandma Hartman (Nana's mom), and Nana
Hunter cuddling Great Grandma Hartman
There were tractors plowing the field behind Nana and Pop's house.  The kids all went out to watch and the guy stopped and let them climb up
Elijah, Ethan, and Logan shared a bed
Mommy and Logan playing Twister
Hunter slept in the bed that Mommy slept in as a baby
Kayley and Eden slept in Nana and Pop's room in their own curtained off area
Aunt Lola and Hunter
Logan and Eden
Ethan and Logan
The boy cousins--Ethan, Logan, Elijah, Evan, and Hunter
The girl cousins-Kayley and Eden
Kayley got her hair cut for the first time.  She was so excited that she got to hold the water bottle!
Daddy, Uncle Ryan, and Pop took the kids up the school playground to play

Two tired kids on the drive home to Virginia

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