Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Hunter loves the jumper
Logan's Christmas program--front row leaning down in the red and white plaid shirt

Kayley played on Mommy's phone
Hunter took a nap on Daddy's lap
Painting Mommy's toes

Dressed up to play outside :)
Hunter outside

Decorating for Christmas

Hunter laundry
Being silly and sitting in Hunter's high chair for lunch
Logan and Daddy
Listening to books on tape
Go Michigan!
Logan and Kayley decided to do crafts one day.  Logan helped Kayley do hers.
Kayley at her Christmas program

Having "reading center" time
Family Christmas.  Kayley picked out a Halloween shirt to wear that day :)
A new snowglobe!!  Hers broke last year
A bike!
An IPad!!
Trying out her new bike
At Grandpa and Grandma's house for Christmas--washing dishes with Grandma
Cuddling with Grandpa
Hunter with Uncle T and his girlfriend (now fiancee) Jessica
Decorating the tree
Hunter and Grandma
Chewing on the nativity set :)
The crew at Christmas Eve dinner--Grandma, Kayley, Daddy, Uncle Christopher, Aunt Rachael, Logan, Mommy, Hunter, Uncle T (Grandpa is taking the picture)
Cute girl

Hunter sitting on the Cookies for Santa plate
Putting out cookies and milk for Santa and carrots for the reindeer

Santa came!!

It's what I asked Santa for!

All dressed up
Mommy, Daddy, Logan, Uncle Christopher, Aunt Rachael, Grandma, Hunter, Kayley, Grandpa, Uncle T
A bear from England!
Our gift to Grandpa and Grandma
Kayley coloring
Playing hair salon with Aunt Rachael
Uncle Christopher and Logan playing video games
Aunt Rachael and Kayely playing Squinkies
Another family picture
A barbie!!
Playing Barbies with Grandpa

Hunter enjoyed chewing on Kayley's foot!
Kayley at home

Hunter wearing Daddy's hat

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