Friday, May 04, 2012

January 2012

Hunter-6 1/2 months old
LOVES pizza crust
We lost Kayley...
Playing while Mommy gets ready in the morning
Kayley FINALLY gets to feed Hunter!

He loves to suck his thumb
Homework time
Logan gets a chance to feed Hunter
Hunter is quite the jumper
Playing in the kitchen
Dress up time
Hunter in his crib in our walk-in closet

"We are going to play all of these!"
Helping Daddy on the IPad
Logan helped Kayley pick out her outfit for the day--polka dot theme
Backwards day at school--hat, shirt, pants, and shoes backwards
Also, his coat and backpack!
Cleaning the recycling tub for Mommy
We had to get the gate out so the older two could play without baby brother getting their toys!
Painting a Hot Wheels picture
Matching pajamas
So cute
Grandma came to visit!

No idea what Kayley is doing!
Where's Grandma?
Mommy wrote this on Logan's window one morning
Logan wouldn't get in the car to go to school until he wrote Mommy a note on her car (I love Mommy)
Crawling around
Pajama Day at preschool
Hunter has learned to carry stuff in his mouth while he crawls
Dress up time

Learning the piano
Hunter really wanted the car while Kayley was on it!
Police Officer Logan found 2 suspects and arrested them
Mommy heard Kayley saying "Giddy-up" and found her doing this!

Hunter wasn't sure what to think about Einey at first
First time in the swing
Kayley went to a friend's birthday party at the Children's Museum and got to play for a while afterwards.  Being a mechanic
A news person
A camerawoman
A cashier
A teacher
A dinosaur
A dinosaur rider

Eating lunch with Logan one day
Cleaning Daddy's car
Making cookies with Grandma

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