Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Jan and Feb Pictures

Logan, Daddy, and Kayley made a snowman one Saturday
Kayley came out of the playroom looking like this
Kayley talking to the baby
Logan being silly with his shirts
Kayley couldn't quite make it through rest time on the couch without falling asleep---maybe she wasn't ready to skip her nap!
Kayley Mouse
Logan playing "Super Cop" on the Xbox
Eden sent Kayley Flat Eden--a project for her class at school. Kayley thought it was fun!
At the Thomas Live Show
Daddy's Grandparents flew from Texas to Knoxville to visit Grandma and Grandpa. We met them halfway between Richmond and Knoxville for a quick visit. Kayley had fun eating breakfast with Grandmother and Popo at the hotel.
The new baby and Grandmother and Popo :0)
Popo, Grandmother, Logan, and Kayley

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