Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Grandma in Richmond and random pics

The weekend after Nana and Pop left, Grandma came to visit. We went to Family Fun Night at Logan's Preschool.
Cake Walk
Puppy prints on his arm
Making a crown
On Saturday, Kayley got to spend some one on one time with Mommy and Daddy. They went to the park, fed the ducks, and went to buy an outfit and toy at Target

Logan went to see Yogi Bear at the theater and then went to Target. Fun times with Mommy and Daddy!
Daddy didn't have to work on President's Day so we headed to the new Children's Museum. Logan and Kayley loved the art room

Water Table
Train Ride--Notice Kayley is happy---they had to stop the train b/c she started crying at how fast it went!
Building towers with Daddy
Captain Logan
Finding treasure
Pirate Logan
Cute SuperLogan
Kayley wanted Grandma to take her skating so we were able to go!
Grandma took a picture right when Logan fell down and Mommy accidently laughed at how it happened!
After the fun week with Grandma, Logan and Kayley entertained themselves with piles of books
Logan decided to paint his hand green while painting a picture
Reading books in her princess tent

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