Friday, June 03, 2011


New "jeep" and bike
Logan had Dad's Night at preschool. So, Mommy and Kayley had a Mom's night. Kayley dressed up as a princess. We ate popcorn and watched a princess show.
Dad's Night
Daddy introducing Logan and Kayley to Connect 4.

Happy girl!

We went to the Kite Festival this year. There were a ton of kites in the air. Kayley decided she liked the petting zoo area the best, more than flying her kite.

Logan's kite flew so high in the air. He had a lot of fun
Since we had to park far away, Daddy went to get the car when we were ready to leave. Mommy, Kayley, and Logan hung out by some rows of cotton. Mommy couldn't get Kayley to leave so when Daddy got back, he had to go get her. Later, Mommy found lots of cotton in Kayley's coat pocket---she had been picking it and stuffing it in her coat!
Making a wooden car
Making a birdhouse
Making Leprechaun traps
St. Patrick's Day--finding a rainbow and note from Lucky the Leprechaun
Coloring while watching something out the door
Logan took 8 weeks of soccer lessons after school on Wednesdays. He had a lot of fun!
Getting a sliver out of Kayley's foot--brave girl! She watched a TV show to distract her!
Logan, and a giraffe who was hanging around our house, met Daddy after work to help him carry in the pizza and bread
While putting a towel rack up, Mommy asked Daddy if he really needed safety goggles like the directions said. Kayley ran to get her "safety goggles" and showed Daddy.

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