Thursday, June 09, 2011

Strawberry Festival

Logan and Kayley were so excited to go to the Strawberry Festival this year. The first thing we did was the Duck Race. We think Pop should build something like this for all the grandkids to play with :0)
Horse Rides--Kayley had been wanting to ride a horse since the Kite Festival (the line was too long there)

Looking at the rabbits
Strawberry shooting

Wagon ride to pick strawberries
Giving the "hand" strawberry high-five
Kayley decided to eat a few strawberries. Some she would take a few bites and put it in the basket, pick up another and do the same thing
Mommy couldn't lean over very well so she sat and showed Kayley strawberries to pick
Logan loved picking strawberries
Playing in the corn pit
Having lunch
Daddy cleaning up strawberries that tipped off the stroller :0)
Barrel train ride. We think Pop should build these to pull with the lawn mower :0)
The last thing we did was get balloon animals. A dog for Logan and a cat for Kayley
So fun, especially since it wasn't crowded!

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