Saturday, June 04, 2011

Grandma visits

Grandpa and Grandma came to visit for a weekend in April and then Grandma stayed for a week. They brought Kayley a little bike just her size.
Grandpa wasn't feeling so great so Kayley shared Bear Blankie with him
The new driveway. Love, love, love it!
Kayley playing office. She had "work to do."
Play dough with Grandma
Reading library books with Mommy
Grandma got to see Logan at soccer lessons
Kayley playing in the sand
McDonald's for breakfast one day
Kayley did the Limbo this time and liked it!
Movie time! Seeing the movie Hop. We were the only ones in the theater!
Playing with Easter Eggs with Grandma
Nana and Pop got in on Friday evening. Grandma didn't fly home until Sunday so Logan and Kayley had fun with everyone there!
Playing outside--Daddy sprayed Logan with the hose. . .Logan got him back!
Playing Sorry! with Daddy, Pop, and Grandma
What a fun time!

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