Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Spring Break Post #2

We took Logan and Kayley bowling for the first time. They were super excited.
Getting ready
Picking out the 6 lb bowling balls
Bumpers and ramps for Logan and Kayley

Snack time!
Kayley decided to not use the ramp a few times. . . it took forever for her ball to get down to the end!
Kayley giving Mommy a pouty face. . . and then she would smile
Another first: putt putt golfing! Logan and Kayley had so much fun. Kayley got tired and hot so she stopped to rest quite a bit. Logan got a hole in one once!

Giving Pop advice :)

Logan and Kayley waiting in line for their turn
Most of the time, we would send them with someone to the hole ahead of us to play while the rest of us finished the hole we were on. Mommy found Kayley hitting the ball off of the posts down to the holes below!
Daddy using Kayley's plastic golf club!
Mommy and baby

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