Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Michigan Christmas Post #2

Logan and Ethan watching a movie
4 generations--Visiting with Grandma Hartman--Kayley loved the blanket Grandma made for her.

Logan wanted to make sure he got his picture taken with Grandma Hartman too. He loved the puppy she got him. He named it Paws.
Family picture
Eating at the Pixie one day
Sledding the last day we were there--Pop and Kayley
Kayley liked being pulled up the hill like this
Daddy and Logan
Logan went down from the top one time and then decided he would rather chase his sled down or slide down on his bottom
Near the end, he found out he liked sliding from 1/2 way down the hill to the bottom
Mommy, Daddy, Logan, Kayley
Kayley liked going down the hill backwards slowly
Logan putting the topper on the tree
Mommy and Kayley playing the piano
What a fun trip!!

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