Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Nana and Pop Here and Valentine's Day

The day we got back from seeing Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle T, Grandmother, and Popo--Nana and Pop got into town! They brought clothes from Eden and Kayley loved wearing the duck pajamas!
Can you walk like this Pop?
Kayley helping Nana make dinner
Giddy-up Pop!
Nana and Logan coloring
Kayley had been telling Nana and Pop that she wanted them to take her to Chuck E. Cheese, so we went!

Daddy and Kayley, Logan and Mommy
Kayley playing the egg game
Mommy and Daddy playing Deal or No Deal
Nana and Pop playing Skee ball
Pop giving Logan and Kayley money for their piggy banks
We had a lot of fun with Nana and Pop here!!

Logan teaching Kayley how to paint her hand
Valentine's Day
Reading a card Logan and Kayley made for Daddy
Logan gave Kayley some Tinkerbell hearts
Coloring Tables
Fun Valentine's Day!

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