Monday, January 09, 2012

August Post #2

Logan's birthday weekend--Grandpa and Kayley
Nana, Pop, Logan, Hunter, Kayley
Kayley loved playing with Uncle T
Hunter napping on Nana at Logan's party at Inflation Nation
Nana and Pop brought Logan and Kayley's cousin Ethan with them.  It was so much fun having him here!
Mommy and Kayley
Kayley and Pop
Party room!
Present time!
Later that day, we had a family party at our house
Mommy decorated the cake...and Pop :0)
Logan and his Bolt birthday cake
Kayley is upset that Mommy actually cut the ice cream into little pieces like she asked her to
Nana, Pop, Logan, Grandpa, Grandma
Logan and Uncle T
Uncle T and Hunter
Hunter smiling
Logan and Ethan
Having fun together
The week after Logan's party, our new exercise machine came.  Logan thought it was fun to ride on it while Daddy did all the work!
Logan shared the blankets with Hunter
When the hurricane came through, we lost power for a few days.  We took a walk to see what the neighborhood looked like after the storm
Kayley pushing Logan!
One night we spent the night at a hotel.  We enjoyed the air conditioning and TV shows!
1 big couch and they all want to sit with Daddy :)

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