Monday, January 09, 2012

August Post #1

Playing in the fountains at the outdoor mall.  Kayley is in the pink hat.

Trip to the dentist

 Homemade water ride!
The kids thought it was fun to fill up their pants with water :)

Logan shared his animals with Hunter
Logan and Kayley decided to take everything off the fridge and clean it for Mommy
Kayley and Logan had a "store" on the front porch one day.  Kayley washed just about every little toy in the bucket and Logan displayed them on the railings!
Kayley, Hunter, Logan
Kayley keeping Logan company in the bathroom---and ripping the paper towel roll into pieces for "when we need some"
Hunter laying in the bassenett Nana and Pop made
Family bike ride/walk
Giddy-up Logan!
Brotherly love

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