Monday, January 09, 2012


3 months old, but Hunter likes the jumper
Overalls from Eden-she wants to wear them every day!
Kayley leading Daddy around the yard
Hunter and Mommy
4 months old
Hanging out while Mommy is in the kitchen
Helping Daddy rake the yard
Hunter now tries to roll over in the seat and can no longer be left alone while in it!
Tummy time
Kayley trying to wrestle Logan while he is playing on the phone
Pumpkin Patch!

Hunter and Grandma
Kayley liked this snowman
Mommy, Hunter, Logan, Kayley, Daddy
Wagon ride to the pumpkin patch--Grandma, Hunter, Kayley, Logan, Mommy
Kayley liked this little pumpkin
Logan and Kayley
Mommy and Hunter
Daddy, Mommy, Logan, Kayley, Hunter
Grandma and Kayley
Logan and Kayley liked the wheelbarrow ride!

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