Monday, January 09, 2012


Hunter---Go Titans!
Mommy, Kayley, Hunter, Logan on Mommy's birthday
Logan's first day of Kindergarten
Kayley shared bear blankie with Hunter
Grandma came to visit for a week and we headed to the beach one day

Mommy, Daddy, Hunter, Kayley, Logan
Daddy having fun with Hunter

Hunter wasn't happy napping at the beach, so when he finally was able to be put down and stay asleep for a bit, Mommy napped too!
Kayley's first day of preschool
Logan's first homework assignment
Hunter cooking with Grandma
Red, white, and blue day at preschool--Kayley wanted to wear her Michigan shirt
Tackling Grandma!
Logan catching Kayley with a butterfly net!
No, this picture isn't posed--Mommy found Logan sitting in Kayley's lap!
Bath time!
What a messy boy!
2 months old
Fun outside

Painting while Logan is at school
Dinosaurs vs army men
Hunter and Mommy
Daddy teaching Hunter about computers
Logan loves to have reading time with Hunter
Playing with makeup and jewelry
Playing pat-a-cake
Hunter holding a toy
Kayley ready for the rain

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